Lingerie and corsetry

  • Women's corset underwear with or without frames, with foam base and thin.
  • From lace and delicate fabrics.
  • Wide range of sizes. Large and small ABCDEFG sizes cups.

Swimwear and accessories

  • Swimwear for the whole family.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Models with and without frames.
  • Interesting design ideas and daring experiments.


  • Wide range of sportswear.
  • Zevs3  work with elastic materials using special sewing needles for knitted fabrics.
  • We welcome interesting design ideas - mesh inserts and contrasting fabrics.
  • Zevs3 sew bold design solutions using modern sewing equipment

Pajamas and nightwear, home clothes

  • Sleepwear for the whole family.
  • We know how competently sew  various materials: thin and delicate, lace, embroidery and and knitted cotton fabric.

Medical clothing, protective face masks

  • Clothing production for medical personnel
  • Lightweight knitted uniforms for every field of activity
  • Protective face masks for repeated use.
  • Multi-layer masks with an internal pocket for filter, any size and mask holding ways,