More than 10 years of experience.

We service orders famous private brands for the lingerie, nighwear, swimwear, sports wear and medical clothing production
Global sourcing. 
Reliable company based in Riga, capital of Latvia
EU membership – no import duties or restrictions.
We welcome and carry out bold design ideas and developments of customers. Company Zevs3 is creative and not conservative.
New ideas contribute to our further development
Great experience with varies assortment.

We are team of highly skilled and experienced staff.

Impeccable quality

High quality standards and competitive pricing.
Our sewing department are equipped with most advanced sewing and cutting equipment including:

  • Flatlock sewing machines
  • Overlock sewing machines
  • One-needle sewing machines  and other
  • Double needle shuttle machines for wires
  • 1-3 and step zigzags and other
All this equipment allows us to offer our clients the best quality sewing service in very short lead times.
We listen each client and use the latest technological developments in sewing knitwear and light clothing.

We service orders on the terms CM, CMT and CMT +
Minimum quantities are 100 pieces per style.
Optimal quantities are 300 pieces and more.
Order less than 300 pieces per style is subject of surcharge depending on order quantity.

For order service it is nesesary to send all technical documentation: technical sketches, patterns, gradation, articles of main preferred materials,
Production of the first samples - prototypes - a paid service.
We will agree  the sample costs  during correspondence.
We are interested in partnership with experienced and serious customers, sewing regular season orders.